Rotorua Fire Extinguisher Inspections
Fires tend to occur at the most unexpected of times, and it’s in such situations that fire extinguishers play an undeniably vital role. What for the most part was just a red canister on your wall, suddenly becomes the difference between minor and extensive damage to your property. For your extinguisher to be up to
Using A Fire Extinguisher
The PASS Technique: How To Use A Fire Extinguisher The most common emergency for any small business is a fire and which is something that they need to plan for at all times. Fire extinguishers are an invaluable tool for small businesses and homeowners alike when it comes to fighting small fires. It can help
Types Of Fire Extinguishers In NZ
Fire Extinguisher Band Colours NZ Fire extinguishers are an essential tool in the unfortunate event of a fire. Not only can they save property but can also save lives and reduce the chance of danger to those involved. Different fire extinguisher types are more effective with different classes of fire. Some types may even cause
What Are The Different Types Of Fire In NZ
What Are The Six Classes Of Fire? The fuel that is burning dictates the type of extinguisher you use to fight the fire. To help you understand this idea, you need to know how fires are classified and which fire extinguishers are fitting for each class.  The six classes of fire in New Zealand are Class A