Is Your Fire Protection Equipment Keeping You Safe?

How Safe Is Your Fire Protection Equipment?

Everyone knows and understands the importance of fire protection equipment in public spaces and homes. 

We regard safety as paramount and feel safe when we look around and notice the fire extinguisher hanging by the wall and the sprinkler heads above us; we breathe sighs of relief.  

But how safe are these fire protection equipment? Will they work in the case of an emergency?

We fail to remember that these items will not work without us; we also have our parts to play in ensuring the fire safety equipment keeps us safe when we need them. 

Having fire protection equipment is a step in the right direction. Hopefully, you have partnered with the right company to help you customise the equipment you need for your company. 

But you still have some work to do. Here are other things to put in place to ensure you have everything in place for an unforeseen fire outbreak. 

Staying in Accordance with Your Insurance Policy

Installing fire protection apparatus is good, but you must ensure that you are up to date with the testing and inspections

If you have a fire insurance policy, you will likely get inspections often to see if you are compliant and equipment is up to date. This is why many companies need to pay more attention to the call to check on their fire protection measures. 

The sad truth is that you need to follow what the insurance company wants to have coverage in case of a fire outbreak. 

Maintain your fire protection system

Fire outbreaks only happen sometimes, so it is easy to have the equipment sit around and not be used for months. But you still need to maintain the protection system. 

You should have your fire protection system tested both monthly and annually

Inspecting the system ensures that every element is in good working condition and will function effectively in fire emergencies. This means the fire will cause minimal damage, and you can still get insurance coverage for the minor damage caused. 

Correct Fire System For Your Business

Business owners often try to save costs and get away with having a few pieces of fire protection equipment, whether practical or not. 

Just because you have a few smoke detectors in your building does not mean you have a fire protection system. You will need more than that to ensure you are safe in unexpected circumstances. 

Your fire protection system should be NZ-approved, commercial-grade fire panel, and any other specifics your insurance company states. 

Work With Reputable Experts

It would help if you never compromised when it comes to your safety, which is what happens when you do not work with the right experts. 

Do not try to cut costs by going for a new company or one with no reputation. Getting people to give you the inspection tag and assure you that your systems are safe means they are ineffective. 

Choose the best hands to work with to ensure you are protected in any fire emergency.

Spending on your safety is an investment that you should prioritise. Refrain from cutting corners when following the proper steps for fire protection. Instead, follow the guide above and choose a reputable fire protection company; only then can you be at peace.