Services We Offer At Spectrum Fire Protection

We offer a full range of services and inspections for all buildings and businesses.

Whether you are looking for backflow testing services or want the backflow prevention device installed or repaired, trust us to deliver professional, timely, and reliable services at competitive pricing. We don’t cut corners and offer quality services our customers can rely on.

The early warning of a fire is critical to minimising the risk to your staff and reducing the potential damage suffered by your business. We offer a complete installation, service and testing maintenance solution to maintain your fire detection control equipment.

We are an IQP registered company, fully qualified to make crucial necessary compliance checks on your specified systems. We have an unbeatable knowledge of the Building Act 2004 and can guide you through all the details that others miss.

An important part of fire protection and safety is the deployment and use of fire extinguishers. We have a vast knowledge of the different types of fire extinguishers that exist and how and in exactly what circumstances they should be used.

Highly skilled technicians perform testing and maintenance on emergency and exit lights in accordance with NZ Standards 2293. The Standard states that a full battery discharge of each light must be performed every 6 months and written records of these tests must be kept.

Automatic fire sprinkler system tests are carried out in accordance with NZ Standards to ensure they operate at their peak performance. We provide testing in accordance with today’s requirements giving you peace of mind that your equipment will operate when required.

The Spectrum Fire Protection Mission..

Guided by our team of experienced professionals, our objective at Spectrum Fire Protection is to ensure that all of your specified systems continue to perform at the same level that existed at the time of commissioning.