An Expert Guide On Building Warrant Of Fitness In Hamilton

The Building warrant of fitness (BWoF) is necessary for ensuring safety and sanitation in a building.

The procedure of acquiring and renewing a Building WoF is similar in many other places. Nonetheless, there are few variations from place to place. It would help if you understood the peculiarities of your district council.

A BWoF is to be renewed yearly for as long as the specified systems in a building are in use. The process starts with the application for building consent, even before building construction.

This article presents a detailed guide on building warrant of fitness in Hamilton. In addition, it highlights the popular specialised systems and process of acquiring a Compliance Schedule.

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What Is A Building Warrant Of Fitness?

A Building warrant of fitness (BWoF) is a document that confirms that the requirements regarding the use of specified systems in a building have been met. 

These systems have been inspected and maintained over the past twelve months.

The BWoF is a measure established by the Building Act 2004, which helps to ensure healthy and safe buildings. 

It is issued by building owners (or their acting agent) to the local council after thorough inspections by an IQP.

Building owners in Hamilton are responsible for the yearly inspections of their specified systems. And this should be done in accordance with their compliance schedule. 

Specified Systems

Specified systems are safety and sanitary installations in a building. They are necessary for the maintenance of buildings and the safety of home users. These systems range from fire alarms to sprinkler systems, smoke control systems, emergency lighting, and many more. 

According to the Building Act 2004, Specified systems include (but are not limited to):

  • Automatic systems for fire suppression 
  • Safety barriers
  • Automatic or manual warning systems 
  • Electromagnetic or automatic doors or windows 
  • Emergency lighting systems
  • Fire service equipment, e.g. riser mains
  • Automatic backflow preventers
  • Elevators or travelators
Specified System
Annual Inspections

Compliance Schedule

A compliance schedule is a written paper issued by the local authorities upon granting building consent. It outlines all the specified systems in a building and the procedure for maintaining these systems.

According to Section 103 of the Building Act, a compliance schedule should state:

  • The specified systems in a building
  • Location of specified systems within the building
  • Performance standards for the specified systems
  • The procedure for maintenance and inspection of specified systems
  • Procedure for reporting the result of the inspection

All buildings with any specified system are required to obtain a Compliance Schedule. To acquire a building warrant of fitness, you first have to obtain a compliance schedule.

Acquiring A Compliance Schedule

For new buildings, compliance schedules are issued along with a building consent authority. New house owners will be required to provide details of all specified systems. These will be presented along with their building consent applications. 

When the systems are approved, a Compliance Schedule will be issued with the Code of Compliance Certificate. 

The Compliance Schedule will provide information about the following:

  • Building name
  • The use of the building
  • The building owner
  • Specified systems in the building
  • Procedure for maintenance of specified systems

Compliance schedules can also be amended for old buildings due to building works such as remodelling or renovations. The recommendations of an IQP or territorial authority can also necessitate the amendment of a compliance schedule.

Building owners may have to update their compliance schedule whenever they alter or modify their specified systems. 

You can visit the Hamilton City Council office to obtain or amend your Compliance Schedule in Hamilton. You can also contact them through their website;

Display Of Compliance Schedule Statement

Having acquired a Compliance Schedule for a new building, owners are required to display it in the building. It is to be displayed publicly for twelve months, after which an official Building warrant of fitness will be issued. 

When the Building warrant of fitness is issued, it is then displayed in place of the compliance schedule statement.

Annual Renewal Of BWoF

After the first year of installation, building owners are expected to inspect all specified systems in their buildings. An independent qualified person (IQP) should be employed to conduct the necessary inspections.

Independent Qualified Person

IQPs are people authorised by the authorities to inspect specialised systems in buildings. 

They are responsible for maintaining, inspecting, and reporting specified systems. They work with the compliance schedule. IQPs are people without financial interest in the buildings they inspect.

An IQP will certify that the procedures required for obtaining a BWoF have been met.

After inspection, the IQP will provide a Form 12A. This is a document that verifies that the necessary inspection and maintenance have been done with the compliance schedule for a building.

Having acquired the building warrant of fitness, it is to be renewed yearly on the issue date of the compliance schedule. This is to be done for as long as the building is in use.