Automatic Fire Sprinkler Systems 

If you have a business or any other kind of commercial space in the Bay of Plenty and Waikato area, then you need to consider the fire safety and fire protection of your property. When it comes to fire safety, it doesn’t get much more effective than fire sprinkler systems. They are one of the best tools to deal with an uncontrolled fire before it can even get started – and quickly put out a fire that does happen to start. They respond immediately to emergencies to prevent fires from spreading and causing irreparable damage to buildings and personnel. 

Fire Sprinkler Installation Services 

Proper and regular fire sprinkler maintenance and being proactive about sprinkler system repairs are as important as the actual sprinkler system. If the sprinkler system isn’t working properly and needs repairs, then it won’t be able to properly safeguard a building, and it won’t be able to perform its primary function – preventing and putting out fires – when the time comes. This is where an effective fire sprinkler installation and repair service comes in. We are here to help and can provide reliable and effective end-to-end fire protection services, including fire sprinkler installation and fire sprinkler repair. 

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How Do Fire Sprinklers Work?

The fire sprinkler system uses pressurized water and a system of interconnected pipes built behind walls and ceilings. The pipes are then connected to sprinkler heads that are placed at strategic points where they can be most effective. They are automatically activated by a change in the air temperature. Sensors in the system can detect rising temperatures and activate to put out any potential fires.


The pressurised water of a sprinkler system is shot out through the sprinkler head to douse flames and minimize any potential damage to the building and contents therein. It only takes a few seconds for complete protection. Please note, however, that sprinkler systems don’t respond to smoke. They detect increased temperatures and not smoke.

Sprinkler System Compliance

Fire Sprinkler Repair and Servicing

Fire sprinklers are remarkably reliable. As is the case with any kind of mechanical thing though, they will require regular maintenance and may occasionally need repairs. While not every issue may be noticeable right away, there are some things that you can do to check if you need the services of a fire sprinkler repair service. Here are some of the most common signs something is wrong with a fire sprinkler system;


  • Broken/Loose Sprinkler Heads

The most common problem with fire sprinklers is that their heads can get damaged or become loose. This can happen more often than you might expect. From indoor vehicles such as forklifts to ladders, these little fixtures can take a surprising amount of abuse. They could also become loose naturally over time due to the pressurised water kept inside them.


  • Visible Standing Water or Leaks

There are some problems that could cause a leak with a fire sprinkler. Faulty plumbing is one of them. They can also be caused by broken seals and roofing problems that affect them. If you notice a watermark on the wall or ceiling or find standing water under or around a fire sprinkler system then you should arrange for a professional service as soon as possible. Make sure that your systems are always functioning properly.


  • False Alarms

False alarms are always a problem, but if they become too frequent then it could be a sign that you need to contact a fire sprinkler repair service. False alarms can be the result of several issues including trapped air in a pressurised pipe or a regular mechanical fault. You should always contact a fire protection system professional and have the fault repaired as soon as possible to ensure your system remains in good working order.


Fire Sprinkler Testing and Evaluation

Having your sprinkler system regularly examined and tested is the most important thing you can do to ensure that it doesn’t get damaged and that it works properly in the event of an emergency. As our team carries out the inspections, we often find problems that our clients didn’t notice before. We also often reduce the need for expensive repair work. Maintenance and prevention will always be cheaper in the long run than repair jobs. Our inspections can find a problem before they become a major issue, saving you a lot of time, money, and stress. Our specialists will take note of any potential problems that they discover during their inspection and can give you a quote to fix said problems.

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