Managing Your Building Warrant Of Fitness

When you’re running a business the last thing you need to deal with is having the Council Inspector show up and levy fines on you for your building not being up to code. Not having your Building Warrant of Fitness renewed can lead to thousands of dollars of fines and lead to costly repairs and frantic work to get everything in shape as quickly as possible to make the fines stop. You need a company who can handle your Building Warrant of Fitness situation and make sure that you never have any surprises when inspection time comes. We will ensure that all of your specified systems are inspection ready all year round and make the renewal of your Building Warrant of Fitness a painless experience that will be little more than a phone call or e-mail telling you everything went perfectly.

If you are new to business and need to understand exactly what a Building Warrant of Fitness we’re here to help explain it. This certificate shows the public that all the specified systems that require inspection have been inspected and are in working order. In your typical business, this would mean having automatic fire suppressing systems like sprinklers in place along with warning systems for fires (Such as automatic alarms or alarms that can be activated by people working in the building). If you’re in an office building with multiple floors the elevators, escalators, travelators, and any other mechanical device that helps people get from one place to another will have to be inspected and be found to be in compliance with the Building Act of 2004. The full list of systems and signs you’ll need to have looked into can be found on-line so that you can review which systems are relevant to your business.

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Independent Qualified Persons Role

An Independent Qualified Person (Or IQP) will be the person assigned to perform the review of your building to make sure everything is up in compliance. For each of the specified systems in your building the IQP will issue a Form 12A to show that the system has been inspected and is in full compliance with the regulations in place. If one IQP’s is assigned to inspect your whole building the Form 12A will cover all of the systems they have inspected but if multiple IQP’s are needed to handle the auditing and inspecting process then each of them will have to issue a form 12A for the systems they have personally inspected. We’ll be happy to inspect your building before your scheduled inspection and catch anything that could be an issue and make sure it’s repaired and ready to go before your inspection so that you’ll be able to maintain your Building Warrant of Fitness without any issues.

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Building Owners Role

As the building’s owner, it is your responsibility to make sure you have your Building Warrant of Fitness issued every year and once you have been issued it you must display it publicly in a visible location for people to see. You will have to provide a copy of your Building Warrant of Fitness and all IQP’s certificates (Form 12A) to the Council and written reports by the IQA(s) about the inspection and maintenance of your specified systems and the reporting procedures of the compliance schedule. These reports are to be kept on-site for at least two years and must be made available if requested for by authorized building inspectors. These are the details we’ll make sure don’t get overlooked when we are working for you. Every step of the certification and renewal process will be handled and we’ll make sure that all your paperwork is kept up to date and properly filled out so there are never any issues with requests from inspectors or concerns about the location of your Building Warrant of Fitness. We will leave nothing to chance when it comes to your building being in compliance with every single detail of the law. We know exactly how to deal with all the regulations on the books and will allow you to spend your time working on what needs to be done to keep your business expanding and competitive while we provide the peace of mind that any safety issues with your specified systems will be addressed swiftly before it becomes an issue that could see fines issued against your building.

Building Warrant of Fitness Papers

Leaving the safety and maintenance of your building up to chance or just hoping for the best could cost you dearly. Failure to display a Building Warrant of Fitness or posting one that is false, or misleading can result in a fine of up to $20,000. Unsafe or unsanitary buildings or a building with improper means to escape in case of a fire can be fined up to $100,000. Do not risk such fines and allow us to keep you on the right side of the law and keep your business safe for years to come.