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Are you looking for an approved evacuation scheme in New Zealand?  Do you need specialists in fire protection? Look no further. 

At Spectrum Fire Protection, we have a wide knowledge of fire protection, compliance, and safety plans for companies and industries and can assist with all fire protection requirements and building compliance, including IQP inspections. Our projects enjoy a professional and experienced hands-on approach.

Enjoy Expertise and Ingenuity in Evacuation Schemes, Fire Safety Engineering, and Fire Protection

Spectrum Fire Protection is a leading evacuation scheme service with decades of experience and trained experts in passive fire safety, fire safety engineering, and fire protection.

Our customers enjoy the touch of creativity we bring to fire consulting and evacuation schemes. Our services include documentation, training for wardens and tenants, fire protection, and compliance checking, among several others. 

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What Is an Evacuation Scheme?

An evacuation scheme is a descriptive plan of how someone can exit a building in case of an emergency, for instance, a fire. Fire evacuation schemes also specify who is responsible for notifying people of what to do in the event of an emergency, and ensuring that people evacuate the building safely.  

Section 75 of the Fire and Emergency Act 2017 pinpoints the buildings that must have undergone approved fire evacuation schemes. Fire Safety, Evacuation Procedures, and Evaluation Schemes of New Zealand (Regulations 2018) identify the vital requirements for evacuation schemes. 

A new building should have an evacuation scheme application approved or be in the approval process with Fire and Emergency within 30 days of the building becoming occupied. 

Our evacuation scheme team can prepare a proper evacuation scheme for you, so you have no fear when it comes to approval from the fire and Emergency, New Zealand.

Who Should Have an Evacuation Scheme?

According to the Fire and Emergency New Zealand Act, owners of “relevant” types of buildings should have an evacuation scheme. “Relevant” buildings refer to sites that:

  • Serve as a place of employment for at least ten people. 
  • Provide any form of specialised care for disabled or special needs people. 
  • Serve as a facility for early childhood care.
  • Gather at least a hundred people at a time.
  • Accommodate more than five people (apart from 3 or fewer household units).
  • Store substances that pose hazards (above the required minimum quantities)
  • Offer accommodation for people who have been placed under lawful detention (excluding home arrest).
Approved Evacuation Scheme Plans

Our Services

We offer the following services:

Implementation and Management of Fire Evacuation Schemes

After inspecting your site and reviewing the building plans, an expert from our evacuation scheme service will develop an evacuation plan for your building. This includes designing the procedure and safety signs for a fire emergency, an assembly area plan, and an application that will be submitted to the NZ fire service for approval. 

Installation of Safety Signs

We also install safety signs as part of our service. Once the evacuation scheme plan has gained approval, our experts will install fire safety signs. We will also provide all the essential products that are needed for your evacuation scheme. 

Training Fire Wardens

We don’t just leave the buildings to their owners after installation. People need to be trained on what to do. 

Together with the tenants in the building, we appoint and train fire wardens or carry out general training for occupants of the building in case of necessity. These include fire training for basic staff, fire wardens, and specialist staff.

In-Depth and Expert Evacuation Drills

An evacuation plan for a building must remain operative, the building’s owner has to maintain the evacuation scheme by training and assessment of permanent occupants and their ability to manage an evacuation scenario. 

Our company includes specialists who have an in-depth understanding of what it takes to provide these services. With Spectrum Fire Protection, the ongoing maintenance of your building’s evacuation scheme is ensured, and you can comply with FENZ regulations.

Complete System Audit

Spectrum Fire Protection can also offer a complete audit of your systems. We do this by consulting contractors and ensuring that comprehensive tests of all the systems are facilitated. In the process, a trial fire evacuation procedure is conducted, which helps us ensure that all the systems in the building will function reliably in the event of a real emergency.

Let the Professionals Handle Your Evacuation Scheme

You can rest assured that you are in the safest hands when you let us handle your evacuation scheme. We take pride in effectively providing our work.

When required, we can collaborate with site contractors and contacts so that we can gather all the needed information and relevant documentation. Here are reasons you should work with us:

Fire Evacuation Scheme

Expert and Valuable Solutions

Our evacuation scheme service takes pride in providing our customers with expert, valuable, and effective fire evacuation solutions. In addition, we help to ensure that your building complies with the Fire Safety and Evacuation Building Regulations and the Fire Service Act. 

Decades of Experience

Our evacuation scheme consultants have decades of experience managing several evacuations in New Zealand. We have handled many buildings, including apartment sites, motels, hotels, and facilities, both large and small. All the experience we have is what you need to see your building evacuation scheme through.

Carefully Developed and Approval Worthy Fire Evacuation Scheme

All the evacuation plans we develop are done carefully and satisfy the Fire Service requirements, which means you have no fear of getting your application disapproved. We also creatively and professionally address the needs of building owners and tenants and achieve the intended results.

Frequently Asked Questions

An evacuation scheme involves:

  • Fire and Emergency New Zealand regulations 2018
  • New Zealand Standard 9232
  • Fire and Emergency New Zealand Act 2017
  • Occupational Safety and Health Employment Act, among others.

According to section 76 of the Fire and Emergency New Zealand Act, the owner of the building is responsible for providing and maintaining an evacuation scheme. “Owner” implies the person who is entitled to receive the rack rent of a building.

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