A Professional Overview Of Building Warrant Of Fitness In Whakatane

All good things only last when they are properly maintained. The Building Warrant of Fitness is the maintenance plan for specified systems in buildings. However, there is no sufficient location-specific information about it.

In this article, you will read all about Building Warrant of Fitness. You will learn all the factors considered in obtaining a BWoF and the steps involved. All the information is specifically relevant to Whakatane.

Building Warrant Of Fitness

A Building warrant of fitness (BWoF) is proof that all specified systems within a house have been duly checked and managed in the past twelve months. It states that the dictates of the compliance schedule of a building have been fulfilled. The process, importance and benefits of the BWoF cannot be well explained without first defining some related concepts. These are:

  • Compliance Schedule
  • Specified systems
  • Compliance Schedule Statement

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Specified Systems

Specified systems are certain security features of a building. They help prevent crises and manage emergencies within a building. 

Specified systems include: 

Specified System ss2 Fire Alarm
compliance schedules

Compliance Schedule

A compliance schedule presents all the safety systems of a building. It contains their features as well as procedures for inspection and maintenance. 

A Compliance schedule should state:

  • Location of the building
  • Each specified system in the building and their location
  • Location of the compliance schedule within the building
  • Proper performance level of every specified system
  • Procedure for inspection and maintenance of each specified system.

In accordance with The Building Act, all buildings with a specified system should obtain a compliance Schedule.

Compliance schedules are obtained from the Whakatane district council in two ways. These include:

At the Construction stage

When a building is completed, the Whakatane council issues a compliance schedule with a code compliance certificate. This schedule is provided for buildings with any of the specified systems. 


In cases where a house owner did not obtain a compliance Schedule during construction, he/she can apply for one. 

Compliance Schedule Statement

The compliance schedule statement is a document obtained in the first year of a building prior to BWoF. 

Before a Building Warrant of Fitness is issued, the Compliance schedule statement is used. 

You get the statement when you first apply for the Compliance schedule. It is displayed publicly in place of the BWoF and is valid for twelve months. 

The content of a Compliance schedule statement is similar to that of a BWoF. Therefore, it serves to play the role of both the Compliance Schedule and the BWoF.


IQPs are Independent qualified persons, while LBPs are licensed, building practitioners. These are people approved by the council to inspect some or all specialised systems in buildings. 

They maintain and inspect specified systems in relation to the compliance schedule. 

IQPs and LBPs should be people who can make objective judgements. They should be people who understand the Building Act (2004) and are trained in handling specified systems.

How To Obtain A Building Warrant Of Fitness 

The process of obtaining a building warrant of fitness in Whakatane can be divided into seven major parts. They are:

  • Obtaining the compliance schedule
  • Displaying of compliance Schedule Statement
  • Engagement of IQP/LBP
  • Thorough inspection
  • Obtain Form 12A certificate
  • Renew and present the BWoF to the council yearly
  • Display the BWoF

Obtaining A Compliance Schedule

The Building Act 2004 outlines the buildings required to obtain a compliance schedule. All buildings containing a specified system must obtain a compliance schedule.

Failure to do this will attract a fine of up to $200,000, plus an additional $2,000 for every day you delay.

Once specified systems are approved by the council, the Compliance Schedule is given alongside the Code of Compliance Certificate. 

The Compliance Schedule provides relevant data about the following:

  • Building Name
  • The use of the building
  • The building owner
  • Specified systems in the building
  • Performance standards of specified systems
  • Measures for maintenance of specified systems

Display Of Compliance Schedule Statement

Once the compliance schedule application has been approved, a compliance schedule statement is given. 

Building owners are to display this statement within the building for a duration of 12 months.

After the first 12 months, an official Building warrant of fitness can then be issued. 

The Building Warrant of Fitness will now be displayed instead.

Inspection By An IQP/LBP

To obtain a BWoF, you will require the services of an LBP/IQP.

An Independent Qualified Person will inspect, maintain and report the procedures prescribed by the compliance schedule. 

Depending on the result of the surveillance, the IQP will issue Form 12As. The Form 12A is a document that confirms that the necessary checks have been carried out. 

The Form 12A is contained in the Building (Forms) Amendment Regulations 2005. 

As opposed to other districts in Whakatane, the frequency of inspection varies according to different specified systems. An inspection might be weekly, monthly, or annually.

Presentation Of BWoF To The District Council

The Form 12A is also called the certificate of compliance with inspection, maintenance and reporting procedures. Once obtained, this form is to be presented to the district council. 

The council will evaluate the documents, approve and file them.

This is to be done every 12 months before the expiry of a previous one.

Annual Renewal Of BWoF

After the first year of installation, your BWoF should be renewed yearly.

Due maintenance should be done by IQPs/LBPs, and results should be submitted to the council.

Annual renewals of BWoF help to ensure that your specified systems are always in good shape.

Public Display Of BWoF

The BWoF is to be displayed in the building always. It should be placed in a place where everyone can see it for easy inspection and safety assurance.

Safety measures within buildings are very important. They prevent or minimise the effect of accidents in houses. 

The process in Whakatane entails:

  • Obtaining the compliance schedule
  • Displaying of compliance Schedule Statement
  • Engagement of IQP/LBP
  • Thorough inspection
  • Obtain Form 12A certificate
  • Renew and present the BWoF to the council yearly
  • Display the BWoF

Obtaining and maintaining a BWoF will ensure safety in your buildings.