Fire Alarm Testing & Inspections

Many people may not consider fire alarm testing as a priority as they scramble to control a growing enterprise or run through their daily routine. However, taking the required steps to ensure that your fire alarm system is tested and complies with the requirements of the fire code can quite literally save your life. Not only will it help keep you in business but protect you, your family, and your employees.

Why is Fire Alarm Testing Important?

A fire alarm helps to keep you and everyone around you safe. It also works to instantly alert first responders in the event of a fire, either in your home or place of business. However, to ensure that your fire alarms continue to work flawlessly, they require testing. Fire alarm testing determines whether or not your fire alarms are working as they should. If there is a fault, faulty components can be swapped out.

Regular inspections also ensure that your fire alarms align with the requirements of your BWoF and possibly insurance provider. If anything, it could help you save money on premiums and the process of submitting a claim in the event of fire easier. 

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Fire Alarm Testing

Faulty, outdated, or ineffective fire systems and equipment can lead to a fire that will hastily spread through the entire premises, impacting your assets, and putting lives at risk.

Spectrum Fire Protection provides a specialist approach to your fire alarm needs, intending to make property fire alarm protection and compliance quicker, easier and better value for your money.

Our qualified fire alarm service technicians can provide unparalleled fire alarm services in the areas of sales, installation, service and routine maintenance across all areas of fire alarms and fire protection including checking all components like horns, strobes, smoke and heat detectors, and call points. Also, other specified systems that tie into the system like can be tested. 

Fire Alarm Inspections and Testing

Fire Alarm Inspections

Now even though testing will ensure that the fire alarms are fully functional, an inspection can help to determine if something is preventing the alarms from working as they should. It is important to note that preventative maintenance on fire protection equipment can’t proceed without it having first being inspected by an expert. If the system is less than five years old and has a problem, then that alludes to there being an issue with the installation. 

An expert inspection can help to reveal the underlying reasons for numerous issues that can be fixed before it is too late. Some common causes of fire alarm failure include voltage issues, changes in temperature, humidity, and corrosion. 

Monthly Fire Alarm Testing

Early Detection of Smoke and Fire 

Fire alarm inspections also help prevent smoke inhalation, which represents a much more significant risk than a fire itself, making it a major cause for concern by home, building and business owners. Statics show that more people lose their lives to smoke inhalation than the fire itself. Thick smoke in a confined area can quickly render a person unconscious, which makes them unable to reach the fire exit. 

The goal of fire alarm systems is to work as an early detection and warning system in the event of a fire. It gives people a fighting chance by allowing them enough time to reach a fire exit. It also sounds the alarm for first responders so that they can arrive in time to contain the fire. Containing the fire in time can help prevent loss of life, property, and reputation. All of which makes it essential to get professional fire alarm testing and inspections.