Fire Alarm System Services in Tauranga

Fire alarm equipment is essential for providing sufficient warning in a life-threatening situation involving fire within your commercial business. These systems require careful planning to deliver the best protection and coverage during installation. They must also be routinely inspected, tested, maintained, and repaired to retain full functionality.

Spectrum Fire Protection provides complete fire protection services to the Bay of Plenty, including fire sprinkler systemsfire extinguisher services, and fire alarm testing


Fire Alarm Inspections for Your Tauranga Business

Our inspection schedules are customised according to your equipment and industry. So whether your business lies in manufacturing, retail, hospitality, or property management, the experienced team at Spectrum Fire can provide inspection services that satisfy your fire and building compliance needs.

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Fire Alarm Testing in Tauranga

Fire alarm systems only operate when needed, so it can be challenging to verify the system’s condition from day to day. For this reason, fire alarm testing is a crucial aspect of maintaining safety within your business. Spectrum Fire provides dependable alarm testing services at monthly and annual intervals. We will work with you to develop the alarm testing plan that fits your business’s needs so you can remain confident in your fire protection plan at all times.


Fire Alarm System Repair in Tauranga

As a part of our long-term maintenance and management program, Spectrum Fire focuses on providing complete solutions to keep your building covered. If issues are found with your fire alarm system during inspections and testing, or if your in-house maintenance team discovers an issue, you can trust our team to provide prompt and effective fire alarm repairs.

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Compliance requirements and specified systems differ from building to building. As an experienced fire protection team, we strive to help our clients navigate the entire process with ease. Together, we can keep your business compliant with all NZ standards, and ready for the possibility of a fire at all times.

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Online to schedule fire alarm services, or connect with our team by calling to develop a fire alarm system plan for your business!

Frequently Asked Questions

How often should fire alarms be inspected?

Your fire alarm system should be tested and inspected every month to guarantee that all systems are ready to go in an emergency.

What does the beeping noise mean that’s coming from the fire alarm?

  • Batteries require replacement
  • Loose or improperly installed batteries
  • Dirty alarm detectors
  • Environmental issues

What do I do if I see a defect on the fire alarm panel?

Fire alarm panels are sensitive and can cause an error code, including power failure. Keep your fire alarm properly working by having a qualified technician inspect it to discover and fix any faults.


Our team of experts at Spectrum Fire Protection will be happy to explain the building compliance process to you and what checks you require for your building warrant of fitness in Tauranga.
We can also help you with any other fire and building compliance you may need. We are an IQP-registered company, fully qualified to carry out necessary compliance checks on buildings and fire protection equipment.