Backflow Testing – A Brief Overview!

It is essential to have a backflow prevention system in place to have a seamless water supply from the main water system to the residential and commercial networks. Even though the water pressure in the main water treatment plants is supervised and regulated, instances of backflow may occur. If this happens, the contaminated water can mix with the clean treated water, posing health risks to thousands of people.

A backflow prevention device is essential to prevent water from flowing backwards from commercial and residential networks to the main water treatment plants. However, installing it is not the end of the story as it needs to be periodically tested for efficiency.

If the device is inefficient, defunct, or damaged, it won’t stop the backflow, causing irreversible damage to the water supply. It is what makes backflow testing an essential service that trained and expert professionals must carry out regularly.

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What is Backflow Prevention Device?

Simply put, backflow is the flow of water in the reverse or undesired direction. When this happens, dirty, unclean, and contaminated water can enter the primary water supply tank. 

A backflow prevention device is installed to stop the backflow from occurring. Backflow testing is recommended from time to time to ensure it is functioning properly without any hiccups. 

Preventing Backflow Through Testing 

Commercial and residential properties should conduct regular backflow testing. We can do it with the help of various specialized equipment to check the pressure issues if any. The water pressure is checked on the consumer’s end to check if it is higher than the main water system’s pressure. 

When the water pressure is higher on the consumer’s end for various reasons, backflow typically occurs. In such an event, if the backflow prevention device stops working or functions poorly, contamination on a larger scale is imminent. 

Diagnosing Backflow 

Once we conduct the backflow testing and find backflow exist, we ideally follow two methods to stop the issue, which are-

  • Installation of Non-Return Valves – It allows the water to move out but not in. 
  • Installation of Reduced Pressure Backflow Preventers – Reduces the pressure of contaminated water going towards the main water system.

Backflow testing is essential as contaminated water can pose a serious health risk, causing illness or even death. 

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Commercial Backflow Device Testing

Benefits of Regular Backflow Testing

Just like any other system, regular backflow testing is essential to ensure seamless functioning. Let us enumerate the benefits of backflow testing –

  • Safety – Contaminated water poses severe health risks that cannot be ignored. Scheduled regular backflow testing ensures the backflow prevention device is functioning smoothly.
  • Legal Compliance – Most municipalities require commercial and households to have backflow prevention devices in place and be tested annually. Failing to comply with these regulations can attract penalties and litigations. 
  • Easy Scheduling – We offer our clients easy scheduling options with quarterly and yearly backflow testing packages. It streamlines the process for you as we will come and conduct backflow testing on pre-scheduled dates. No follow-up or remembering dates required!
  • Economical – Backflow testing is a simple and economical process to keep your family, community, business, and home safe from hazards of contaminated water. 
  • Paperwork – We take care of all the paperwork on your behalf, including tagging the backflow prevention device and submitting the backflow testing report. 

Whether you are looking for backflow testing services or want the backflow prevention device installed or repaired, trust us to deliver professional, timely, and reliable services at competitive pricing. We don’t cut corners and offer quality services our customers can rely on. 

Our experience and a keen eye for detail ensure our work aligns with the highest industry standards, whether it is a residential or commercial project. Don’t ignore the importance of backflow testing, and contact us today to schedule backflow inspection and testing. 

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