How To Use A Fire Hose Reel

How To Use A Fire Hose Reel

Guide On How To Use A Fire Hose Reel

Before we explain how to use a fire hose reel, it is essential to know the difference between the two types of different reels and what types of fires you can use a fire hose for. Fire hose reels are used to fight type A fires ( wood, paper, cloth etc.), and their function is to supply a continuous and controllable supply of water to a fire. Under no circumstances you should use a fire hose around oils, petrol, fats or electricity as you risk spreading the fire or getting shocked.

Fixed Wall Mounted Fire Hose Reel

Fixed hose reels are the most common type found in New Zealand. It’s permanently attached in a specified location and is plumbed into the existing mains water supply. It is important to keep the wall space on either side clear of clutter so the hose reel can move freely in case of an emergency.

Swing Arm Fire Hose Reel

This is similar to the fixed type, except the hose reel assembly is mounted on a large hinge, and the complete assembly is usually installed in a hose reel cabinet. The benefit to this hose reel is when it’s needed in an emergency, the hinge allows the whole reel to be swung out, and the hose can quickly be retracted to follow the operator.

How To Use A Fire Hose Reel

  • If fitted, break the anti-tamper seal.
  • Turn on the water supply at the stop valve.
  • Run the hose out the required distance to the fire. It is unnecessary to run the whole hose, unlike a lay-flat hose.
  • Turn the water on at the nozzle.
  • Direct the stream at the base of the fire. Only use sufficient water to extinguish the fire; otherwise, excessive amounts of water can cause secondary damage.

After The Fire Is Extinguished

  • Turn off the water at the nozzle.
  • Rewind the hose in even layers. This is easier to achieve when the hose still has water inside.
  • Turn off the water at the stop valve.
  • Open the nozzle to release the pressure into a bucket.
  • Close the nozzle and put it back into the holder.