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The Benefits of LED Emergency and Exit Lights

What Are The Benefits Of LED Emergency And Exit Lights

What Are The Benefits Of LED Emergency And Exit Lights Emergency and exit lights are essential for providing a safe and clear evacuation route for building occupants in a fire or other emergency. However, not all emergency and exit lights are created equal. The latest technology in lighting is LED (Light Emitting Diode), which offers […]

How To Run Effective Trial Evacuations In 5 Steps 

Running A Trial Evacuation

Emergencies are part of human life. Hence, you can only partially rule out the chances of being in such situations.  Many people have lost their lives to fire outbreaks and natural disasters like earthquakes due to poor emergency evacuation skills and knowledge.  This is why every building owner and employer must ensure routine trial evacuation […]

Is Your Fire Protection Equipment Keeping You Safe?

How Safe Is Your Fire Protection Equipment? Everyone knows and understands the importance of fire protection equipment in public spaces and homes.  We regard safety as paramount and feel safe when we look around and notice the fire extinguisher hanging by the wall and the sprinkler heads above us; we breathe sighs of relief.   But […]

Fire Alarm Testing Tauranga

Fire Alarm Testing in Tauranga

5 Benefits Of Getting Your Fire Alarm System Tested There are thousands of fire accidents in New Zealand annually, and unfortunately, many lives are lost in these accidents. It is commonly seen that fire alarm systems play a crucial role in saving lives during fire breakouts. On the other hand, the property damage and loss […]

Fire Alarm Testing Rotorua

Fire Alarm Testing in Rotorua

6 Reasons Why You Need To Test Your Business’s Fire Alarm System The fire alarm system needs to be 100 per cent functional and reliable, and the only way to guarantee that is by getting it professionally tested and inspected regularly. A fire alarm system can save many lives during fire emergencies by giving people […]

What is a Building Warrant of Fitness (BWoF)?

What is a building warrant of fitness?

The Building Act 2004 – which covers the safety and integrity of buildings – states that building owners with buildings that contain “specified systems” related to health and safety, then those buildings must maintain a Compliance Schedule and they must produce Building Warrant of Fitness documents annually. These documents verify that those specified systems have […]